A New Partnership Means More Water Education for Colorado!

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052016-cfwe-137 Governor John Hickenlooper, CFWE’s Nicole Seltzer, Nivin Elgohary and Chris Shaffner from CoBank, and Board President Eric Hecox take a moment to celebrate

At CFWE’s recent President’s Award Reception, I was pleased to join Nivin Elgohary, Senior Vice President at CoBank, to announce a new partnership between our organizations.

CoBank, as an integral member of the United States’ Farm Credit System, serves as a dependable provider of credit and other financial services to benefit rural America, and is based in Denver. We speak the same language: CoBank is committed to supporting knowledge-sharing on current trends to its customer base in rural America, and CFWE realizes that the scarcity of water requires high-quality and far-reaching education. Together, we will raise the water literacy of community members, professionals, and decision-makers by providing meaningful engagement opportunities about Colorado water.

Our partnership started because CoBank recognized the value of CFWE’s high-quality water information…

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