Fillin’ Dillon: Reservoir hits 84-billion gallon mark

Mile High Water Talk

Managing our biggest storage site is a balancing act of water needs, recreation and river flows.

By Jay Adams

Dillon Reservoir in Summit County filled to capacity early Monday morning, a welcome sight on both sides of the Continental Divide.

“Seeing it fill is always a relief,” said Cindy Brady, water resource engineer. “Dillon is a huge part of our water supply, so when it’s full, it means we had a good snow year.”

Dillon is Denver Water’s largest storage reservoir, capable of holding 257,304 acre-feet of water. That’s nearly 84 billion gallons or enough to fill 80 Mile High Stadiums. Dillon has hit its high mark all but nine times since it first filled in 1965.

The Blue River basin, which feeds Dillon Reservoir, also provides an average of 30 percent of Denver’s annual water supply, enough water for 320,000 homes every year.

Ten Mile Creek is one of three tributaries that drain into Dillon Reservoir. Ten Mile Creek is one of three tributaries that…

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