The Latest and Greatest on Colorado Water Conservation

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CitizensGuideToColoradoWaterConservation2016 (1)When the temperature soars up into the 90s, there are many different ways to beat the heat using water. We might shower more often, turn on the sprinklers for the thirsty lawn, or chug ice water, to name a few. However, the increase in water usage during summertime can translate into more water wasted and higher bills. This puts a damper not only on summer fun but on the long-term health of our communities across the state. Thus, it is vital that we increase our water efficiency and conserve as much as possible today, in order to diminish the chances of future shortages. (Don’t stop drinking water though. Stay hydrated!) The new and updated Citizen’s Guide to Colorado Water Conservation provides balanced and accurate information on water conservation at home, in agriculture, and in industry. If you haven’t gotten your hands on a copy yet, order it here.


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