Nice ice!

Mile High Water Talk

skatingNice ice!

How the Colorado Avalanche turns Denver Water’s signature product into a pristine platform for the NHL’s swiftest skaters.

By Steve Snyder, with video by Jay Adams

It’s late in the second period of a Colorado Avalanche home game at Pepsi Center, and the Avalanche players are on the attack. They chase the puck behind their opponent’s net, gliding on a silvery surface as smooth as glass. Two players fight for a puck in the corner, skate blades grinding the ice, desperately maintaining balance.

Tony Kreusch is watching it all. But he’s not watching the players as much as the surface. Kreusch is the director of ice operations for the Avalanche, the man responsible for creating a world-class skating surface for the fastest game on ice.

“If we don’t do our job right, they can’t do their jobs,” Kreusch said.

Creating an ice rink to meet National Hockey…

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