Climate Reality Project training day 3: Another 1,000 (or so) folks in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps #ActOnClimate

Coyote Gulch at at graduation March 4, 2017. @ClimateReality #ActOnClimate
Coyote Gulch at graduation March 4, 2017. @ClimateReality #ActOnClimate

Well you know they’ve been here once before
They wore the same old heavy coats
They seek no fortune, seek no fame
Just a few wild horses to tame — 
Spinning (Elephant Revival) 

I made it through all 3 days of training.

If you get a chance to go to a presentation by a Climate Reality Corps speaker you owe it your self to go. Take your kids, take your grandkids, take your mom and dad, take everyone else you can think of. We have a great story to tell. It is possible to slow down the warming if we take action now along with the rest of the world. Renewable technology has surprised everyone. Setting out a fossil fuel free future is a win-win for everyone and all species and that’s worth your time.


Climate Reality Project training day 2 #ActOnClimate

The earth's atmosphere and the setting sun, viewed from the Space Shuttle. Most of the Earth's atmosphere is within 10 miles of the surface. (Source: NASA)
The earth’s atmosphere and the setting sun, viewed from the Space Shuttle. Most of the Earth’s atmosphere is within 10 miles of the surface. (Source: NASA)

The flood of information and learning continued throughout the day on Friday. The training is focusing on three questions:

1. Do we need to act on climate change?
2. Can we act?
3. Will we act?

The answer to the first question is, yes, and urgent action is needed.

Question 2 is also a yes. The renewable energy revolution is upon us. Renewables are winning the economic battle along with the moral and ethical battle.

Question 3 is more problematic. Only the Republican party in the US is actively denying the science and the good news is that their opposition is fracturing. However, the world needs to accelerate the development of policies to halt the pollution of the atmosphere by greenhouse gases.

Vice President Gore went through a stripped down version of his slide show presentation with tips for all of us to use when we get the opportunity to speak to others about the climate crisis facing the world.

Gore also talked about the sequel to the film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power. It is slated for opening the weekend of July 28th. Here’s a teaser from YouTube:

During the afternoon we were coached on techniques for answering the tough questions about the climate crisis. This hit at the heart of why I’m attending. I want to learn how to communicate the existential threat of the climate crisis to folks with a different world view than mine.

Who says girls don’t do science? – News on TAP

Patty Brubaker was the only female in her high school physics class. Today she runs a water treatment plant.

Source: Who says girls don’t do science? – News on TAP

A water wonderland: Touring Arizona’s mountain watershed by helicopter in a time of moisture abundance

Arizona Water News

A tour courtesy of Salt River Project of the Salt and Verde watersheds


Strictly in terms of aesthetics, it is the perfect time to skim several hundred feet over Arizona’s oldest water-delivery system — the two series of dams and reservoirs operated by the Salt River Project that provide the Valley with its largest supply of in-state surface water.

The air – sparkling and clear between February storms — is satisfyingly crisp. The landscapes are verdant from the abundance of moisture unleashed this winter on Arizona’s mountainsides. It’s poised for a magnificent bloom of spring wildflowers that now is just a week or three away.

Mormon Flat Dam

Eagle pairs are nesting. Wild horses are frolicking in the Salt River. And water is flowing in nearly every wash and cascading down nearly every mountainside.

After years of epic drought and disappointingly dry “El Nino” weather patterns, it is an invigorating…

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