Climate Reality Project training day 3: Another 1,000 (or so) folks in the Climate Reality Leadership Corps #ActOnClimate

Coyote Gulch at at graduation March 4, 2017. @ClimateReality #ActOnClimate
Coyote Gulch at graduation March 4, 2017. @ClimateReality #ActOnClimate

Well you know they’ve been here once before
They wore the same old heavy coats
They seek no fortune, seek no fame
Just a few wild horses to tame — 
Spinning (Elephant Revival) 

I made it through all 3 days of training.

If you get a chance to go to a presentation by a Climate Reality Corps speaker you owe it your self to go. Take your kids, take your grandkids, take your mom and dad, take everyone else you can think of. We have a great story to tell. It is possible to slow down the warming if we take action now along with the rest of the world. Renewable technology has surprised everyone. Setting out a fossil fuel free future is a win-win for everyone and all species and that’s worth your time.


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