Arkansas River Basin Water Forum Seeks Nominees for Bob Appel Award

Arkansas River Basin — Graphic via the Colorado Geological Survey

From The Prowers Journal (Russ Baldwin):

Nominations are being accepted for the 13th Annual “Bob Appel – Friend of the Arkansas” Award that is presented each year at the Arkansas River Basin Water Forum.

This year’s forum will be April 26-27 at the Hotel Elegante, 2886 S. Circle Drive, Colorado Springs. Reservations and information about the program are available at

The award, named for one of the forum’s founders, is intended to honor an individual who has over the years demonstrated a commitment to improving the condition of the Arkansas River as it flows from its headwaters near Leadville to the Colorado-Kansas state line.

The award is meant to recognize someone who has helped to promote the best management practices in the usage of water in the Arkansas River basin. Such efforts may include contributions in the general areas of development, preservation, conservation and/or leadership…

Past winners include Mike Conlin, Denzel Goodwin, Paul Flack, Reed Dils, Carl Genova, Allen Ringle, Bud O’Hara, Alan Hamel, Steve Witte, Greg Policky, Lorenz Sutherland and Bernard Smith.

Nominations may be sent to: Jean Van Pelt, Arkansas River Basin Water Forum, PO Box 11295, Pueblo, CO 81001, or Nominations must be received no later than 5 p.m. Monday, April 3, 2017.

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