Granada wrestles with debt load for water and landfill infrastructure

View of Amache (Granada) concentration camp, c. 1944, Colorado Courtesy of Densho, the George Ochikubo Collection

From The Prowers Journal (Russ Baldwin):

The Granada Trustees are faced with two expensive issues that will impact the town’s residents in the future. The Trustees discussed their revenue options to upgrade the aging water lines in the community, a matter that is being carried over from last year; and how to afford to bring the town’s landfill into compliance with state regulations, again with only limited funds available needed to correct those deficiencies. The Trustees met in regular session, Wednesday, March 8th at the town complex.

The main concern is being able to repay a zero percent, 30 year, Drinking Water Revolving Fund Loan which could save 80% of the cost of the two phase project. Last year, a rough estimate of the complete project, wells and pipeline, would cost approximately $2.2M with $1.17M for the distribution system and administrative costs and another million dollars for rehabilitating the tanks and drilling a fourth well. Consultants from GMS Engineering want to touch base with the Trustees to get a determination on a possible grant from the Department of Local Affairs which would help pay down costs. Even with grant funding, the cost to the community would be in the neighborhood of $600,000.

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