Is there a sustainable path forward for @DenverCityGov Parks to mitigate #ClimateChange and overuse?

Denver skyline, view is west from City Park. Photo credit The City of Denver.

Maybe. Click here to read the March 2017 Existing Conditions Report. Here’s an excerpt:

The Existing Conditions Report culminates the first phase of the 2017 Game Plan Update for Denver Parks and Recreation. Its purpose is to document the existing state of the system as a whole in order to uncover the key issues that the Game Plan will want to address.

Denver’s Park and Recreation system is incredibly diverse, spanning from the mountains to the prairie and encompassing more than 20,000 acres of parkland full of amenities and 27 recreation centers offering a wide range of programming. The analysis falls into three major categories: environment and climate, equity and access, and economic and organizational health. Key findings in each of the categories are summarized at right.

Understanding the current state of the system provides a launchpoint to envision the future of the Denver Parks and Recreation.

Here’s a report from Jon Murray writing for The Denver Post. Here’s an excerpt:

A new city report that’s part of a drive to set the course for Denver Parks and Recreation for the next 15 to 20 years says such adaptations must accelerate as the parks system contends with several emerging challenges. Chief among them are a rapidly growing population with changing expectations and health needs, climate changes that will impose new environmental stresses on the landscape, and limited budgets and resources that could strain all of those efforts.

Those findings are contained in an “Existing Conditions Report” unveiled by city parks officials Friday.

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