Water Values podcast: Making Connections in the Water Industry with SplashLink Co-Founder Jason Wuliger

Click here to to the the Water Values website to listen to the podcast from David McGimpsey:

Splashlink co-founder Jason Wuliger joins The Water Values Podcast to discuss how SplashLink, an online marketplace for the water sector, creates connectivity among sector participants. Jason walks us through how utilities and market participants can use SplashLink to identify problems or issues and then to find the right product or service to remedy the problem. He also lets utilities in on a not-so-little secret — free subscriptions to SplashLink for municipal utilities are available for a short time, so listen up to grab your free subscription!

Also in this episode, Will Maize of Bluefield Research joins us to talk smart water and the technologies that he sees gaining traction in the market. Will provides a fantastic perspective on this fast-moving segment of the water industry.

In this session, you’ll learn about:

  • The market opening Jason and his co-founder, Ebie Holst, found
  • How SplashLink connects participants in the water sector
  • Ways in which subscribers can use SplashLink to identify and solve problems
  • The powerful search functions on SplashLink
  • How the philanthropic community has entered the water sector
  • How SplashLink can connect previously unknown funding opportunities to market participants
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