The May 2017 #Colorado Water Supply Outlook Report is hot off the presses from the NRCS

Click here to read the report. Here’s the summary:


Statewide Water Supply Conditions

As snowpack continues to melt, Colorado can begin to recap the 2017 snowpack accumulation season. The southern half of the state received over 120 percent of the typical snowpack peak. Northern basins saw lesser peaks this year – yet all still decent – with only the North Platte Basin peaking below the normal value. Nearly all areas of Colorado experienced varying amounts of resurgence in snowpack accumulation at the end of April. Fortunately the North and South Platte River basins have experienced little melt so far this season and while within reach of achieving new snowpack peaks, it is unlikely with weather forecasts showing dry conditions in the near-term forecasts. In general, the snowpack contribution to water supply should be respectable across the state. Unfortunately spring precipitation through the two most pivotal months has fallen short of normal accumulations. Statewide, March and April produced only 76 percent of average precipitation. Warm, dry spring conditions often cause snowpack to sublimate, further decreasing streamflows and Colorado water supply. After impressive midwinter snowpack numbers dwindled this spring, streamflow forecast projections have returned to normal values ranging the 70 percent to 140 percent of normal with a few outliers on each end. Colorado reservoirs remain at strong levels poised for what has so far shaped up to be a dry spring.

Statewide Basin Times Series Summary May 4, 2017 via the NRCS.

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