The birds of spring

Katie Klingsporn

Mid-April and the winged emblems of spring are back, filling the skies above Wright’s Mesa with their peculiar sounds and beautiful colors. Redwing blackbirds trill mechanically from the cloak of vegetation skirting wetlands. Mountain bluebirds arc and flit like bolts of electricity over meadows. Canadian geese honk overhead, brash and territorial. And the star of the season, the meadowlark, that yellow-breasted and solitary diva of the bird world, takes its stage on fencepost, morning and evening, to belt out its indelible, melodious song.

Out in the backyard, meanwhile, in a corner behind the shed, there’s another new birdsong in the air. This one is much less graceful, consisting of the barnyard vocalizations, the cluckings and cooings and occasional panicked squawks, of chickens.

This is where we’ve housed our new addition to the family, a flock of three hens freshly transplanted from southwest Utah. Pecking, clucking, scratching for food in the…

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