#Drought news: E. plains wet over the past week, statewide wetness this week

Click here to go to the US Drought Monitor website. Here’s an excerpt:


The Midwest continued to be inundated with heavy rains from southern Kansas through Missouri and into southern Illinois and Indiana. Amounts associated with the Midwest rains were generally in the 1-3 inch range, with locally higher amounts. Much of the eastern United States was wet over the last week; many areas recorded above-normal precipitation and the rains kept temperatures below normal, with departures of 10 degrees or more over the Midwest. Over the weekend, heat returned to the Southwest with several days of temperatures above 100 degrees F while most of the western half of the United States had above-normal temperatures with departures of 6-8 degrees above normal in the Dakotas and northern Rocky Mountains. Much of the West and Plains were dry for the week, with just scattered thunderstorms in the Rocky Mountains and rains along the coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest…

High Plains

Much of the region was drier than normal this week, with only portions of eastern Colorado and southern Kansas recording above-normal precipitation. Temperatures were warmer than normal over most of the region, with departures of 6-8 degrees above normal in the Dakotas. Colorado had abnormally dry conditions removed from the southeast portion of the state, and the moderate drought and abnormally dry conditions in the northern portion of the state also improved. Abnormally dry conditions were introduced over much of northern South Dakota and expanded in southern North Dakota. The short-term dryness in this region has helped to progress agricultural work, but may become an issue without some needed rains…


Most of the region was warmer than normal for the week, with departures of 4-6 degrees above normal quite common. Dryness over the last 30-90 days over western New Mexico and southeastern Arizona resulted in the expansion of moderate drought in the area. Some of this area has not had measureable precipitation in the last 70-80 days, and this lack of precipitation along with recent triple-digit heat has caused drought to develop…

Looking Ahead

Over the next 5-7 days, much of the central Plains, Midwest, and Northeast are targeted for rain, with the greatest amounts over the Mid-Atlantic and New England. From southern Georgia into Florida, below-normal precipitation is expected while much of the Southwest remains dry. The Pacific Northwest and northern Rocky Mountains are also expected to receive precipitation. Temperatures during this time will be cooler than normal over the West while much of the Plains, Midwest, and Southeast will be 3-6 degrees above normal. Cooler than normal temperatures are expected over the Northeast with above-normal precipitation.

The 6-10 day outlooks show that the probabilities of below-normal temperatures are greatest over the West, while Alaska and the East are dominated by above-normal chances of warmer than normal temperatures. The greatest chances of below-normal precipitation are along the eastern seaboard and Southwest while above-normal precipitation chances are greatest over the Great Basin, northern Rocky Mountains, and into the High Plains.

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