Fountain: Water restrictions update

From (Lura Wilson):

Summer’s almost here, and the city of Fountain is still without it’s backup groundwater supply.

The Air Force has offered up two filtration units to the city, after the EPA found elevated levels of PFC’s–a man-made, cancer causing chemical–in water sources used by the Fountain community, among others.

“When these filtration units come online, we’ll have access to some of our groundwater and be able to remove the PFC’s from it,” said Utilities Director Curtis Mitchell.

But that could take several months to get the first unit up and running–meaning city water customers may have to cut back on water use, starting late June…

The mandatory restrictions, which are part of a plan approved by city council this week, will look what they had in place last year.

“It will limit use to two days a week for outdoor watering–and it depends on your even or odd address,” said Mitchell.

Unlike last year, the city will be enforcing these mandatory restrictions this time around. The first violation is just a warning. The second will be a $50 fee, and the third will cost you $100…

The city also recommends you start adjusting sprinkler times now, ideally between 7 p.m. and 10 a.m.

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