Donald Rosier is taking over at Sterling Ranch

Photo via the Colorado Independent

From Sterling Ranch via The Wheat Ridge Transcript:

A fifth-generation Coloradan has been named general manager of the Community Authority Board in Sterling Ranch, 3,400-acre mixed-use master-planned walkable community in Douglas County projected to have 12,000 residences and approximately 33,000 residents once the community is fully built out in 20 years.

Donald Rosier, who grew up in Arvada, now serves as a Jefferson County commissioner. He was elected in 2010 and again in 2014. His term ends in 2018, but Rosier will resign as commissioner to begin his general manager post in January.

Rosier graduated from Colorado State University with a degree in civil engineering, and he brings cross functional and cross industry experience to his new position.

“I am both excited and humbled to have been offered this amazing opportunity. Throughout my career, I have accomplished a track record of success in managing complex design projects, acquisitions, entitlements, land development and construction projects,” Rosier said. “Accepting the position of general manager for the Sterling Ranch Community Authority Board equates to a city manager’s position in a medium-sized town with all of the oversight that goes with it, but much more forward-facing to our residents, which is the most important asset we have.”

Rosier serves or has served on 15 boards and coalitions in a variety of capacities while a commissioner including being involved with the planning, design and ultimate completion of the Jefferson County Parkway. He is probably best known for forming and chairing the WestConnect Coalition, bringing former adversaries together for the completion of the western beltway, which has been fought over for almost 25 years.

“Don’s ability to approach issues in a manner of respect for all parties and with professionalism while listening to the concerns and creating new strategies to solving problems was a key trait we looked for in our new general manager,” said Diane Smethills, principal of Sterling Ranch and community authority board member.

In his position, Rosier will work with contractors, homebuilders, home buyers, residents and staff.

Rosier’s 25 years of private sector experience includes civil engineering design, project management, acquisition, entitlement, land development, construction and management with companies such as Metropolitan Homes, Neumann Homes, Sunrise Colony Company, Alliance Commercial Partners, Davis Partnership and Mueller Engineering.

He also oversaw the largest multi-use infill development executed on a former 2,000-acre Air Force Base in Colorado, including the design of an entirely new water system, sanitary sewer system, storm water drainage system and drainage plan.

“Don understands the hydrology of water and land planning design to execute and will execute the communities’ rainwater-harvesting plan and maximize the efficiency of the Sterling Ranch robust water system,” said Harold Smethills, managing director of Sterling Ranch and a pioneer in the way of development utilized water. “As chairman of both the Colorado Clean Water Coalition and the Chatfield Watershed Authority, he brings with him policy experience and the respect of the water community.”

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