@WaterEdCO: 2018 #GrandJunction Rain Barrel Workshop – Connecting #Colorado to Water

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In 2016, it became legal to collect water from your gutters to water your lawn, garden, and flowers on your own property. Since then, rain barrels have been all the rage, and Colorado residents are all getting excited about this new way to garden and save on their water bill at the same time! Water Education Colorado is partnering with Ute Water Conservancy District and the River Network to host a rain barrel workshop where participants will actually build their own rain barrel and get to take it home!

For only $40.00 per barrel, you can come make one of your own! Additional friends and family may join in the fun and help build your barrel for $10. Kids can attend for free. We will have all of the tools and materials that you will need to start watering your lawn with rain water.

A couple things you need to know:

  • We are more than just fun – If you do not know how to use a rain barrel, or the benefits of having a rain barrel, then no worries! We will have a short educational session for all participants on how rain barrels play a role in managing water in Colorado and how you can do your part to be a responsible water citizen.
  • Rain barrels are large – The rain barrels are 35 to 55 gallons. You will need to have an appropriate vehicle, and any straps needed to contain the barrel for its ride home at the end of the evening.
  • We have the tools – You will not need to bring any power tools with you. However, if you have a cordless drill and would like to bring it, please do so.

    *Note: If you are not at the workshop to claim your rain barrel by 5:30 pm, then your barrel will be given away with no refund.


    Rain Barrel Builders: $40

    Additional Friends and Family: $10 per person. If you want to help a friend or family member build their barrel and enjoy some drinks and appetizers, then please join us! We are asking for $10 to help cover appetizers.
    Kids attend for free.

    Photo via the Colorado Independent

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