Colorado Water Conservation Board approves $3.1 million in state water plan grants

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640px-Arkansas_river_salida_co Waders enter the Arkansas River as it passes through Salida. Credit: Creative Commons

By Larry Morandi

The Colorado Water Conservation Board (CWCB) met in Salida on May 23-24, in part, to take final action on grant applications to help implement Colorado’s Water Plan (CWP). The Colorado General Assembly created the grant program in 2017, appropriating $9 million in fiscal year 2018 for projects in six categories—storage ($3 million); water supply/demand gap ($2 million); and agriculture, environment/recreation, conservation/land use, and innovation/engagement ($1 million each).

CWCB approved $3.1 million for 24 projects at the meeting, bringing total water plan grant funding for the year to more than $8.8 million for 65 projects. The remaining $172,370 will carry over into FY 2019; agriculture will have the largest balance at $116,042. The new grants include $1.4 million for a dredging project in Northeast Colorado that will add 356 acre feet of storage water for…

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