Cranmer Award to Ken and Ruth Wright

Cranmer Award to Ken and Ruth Wright Colorado Open Lands

Ken and Ruth

A remarkable team,
you’ve embraced Colorado
thoroughly enough

to gauge its most basic
dimensions, its mountains,
mesas, canyons, plains;

that we the creatures of this
great land in trapezoidal fashion
depend upon our abilities

to abide with each other;
in this, you teach that every
potential answer requires

re-phrasing the question
based on experience gained
in following the evidence to

its next incremental intuition;
your chosen professions,
engineering and the law

you use as problem-solving
parabolas arching over
canyon rims to ribbons

of streams, diminishing or
roaring through public discourse;
clean and healthy enough

to cultivate a whole new
generation of eager and true
Ruth and Kens!

Greg and Bobbie Hobbs

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