Measuring infrastructure on Corske Creek necessary for Lake County’s augmentation plan

Mt. Elbert. Photo credit: Hogs555 – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

From The Leadville Herald-Democrat (Rachel Woolworth):

A group of community stakeholders traveled part way up Mount Elbert last Wednesday to evaluate the logistics of installing a head gate and flume on Corske Creek.

The group, which included representatives from the Lake County Board of County Commissioners and Public Works, Parkville Water District, the United States Forest Service, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and the City of Aurora, examined potential sites for the flume, as well as environmental impacts.

In January 2017, the Colorado Division Two Water Court approved Lake County’s augmentation plan after approximately six years in water court.

The court decision granted Lake County administrative use of 34-acre-feet of consumptive use water, stemming from the water right associated with Derry Ditch No. 3.

Additionally, the augmentation plan changed the water’s use from solely agricultural to also allow for commercial and residential uses.

In order to start storing and leasing the 34-acre-feet of water, Lake County must measure and report the amount of water physically flowing through the area. To do so, the county must construct a head gate and flume on the creek.

Last Wednesday’s outing clarified that installation of a flume will have to wait until at least next summer.

Obtaining a permit for the installation of the flume would take between six to 18 months, representatives from the USFS said.

Depending on the location of the infrastructure, wetland and beaver habitat disruption are also potential concerns.

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