#Drought news: @CSUtilities outlook for summer

Colorado Drought Monitor June 12, 2018.

From KRDO.com (Kasey Kershner):

Colorado Springs Utilities administrators say they are already seeing some of the initial effects of low precipitation levels and snowpack.

Right now, the last bit of runoff from the winter snow is melting and draining into local reservoirs. Normally, the snowpack would stick around for a few more weeks…

Kalsoum Abbasi, a planning supervisor in water conveyance group at Colorado Springs Utilities, says the area had average levels of moisture and snowpack in the last few years, meaning the water storage levels are looking good, despite the drought.

Some of the major storage reservoirs like Pueblo, Turquoise, and Twin Lakes all have good water supplies right now. Abassi says there is about three years’ worth of water built up in storage, so there likely will not be any water restrictions for residents anytime soon.

Looking to some of the other bodies of water, like Rampart Reservoir west of Woodland Park, water levels are already seemingly low.

Abassi says last summer, average customer demand for water was about 85-90 million gallons per day. This year, Colorado Springs Utilities says demand is running closer to 120 million gallons per day on the hot and dry days we have seen so far.

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