#Drought news: Grand Junction rate payers are saving water under mandatory restrictions

Outdoor watering accounts for more than 50 percent of municipal water use in Colorado on average. Photo by Eric Sonstroem.

From The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Katie Langford):

Grand Junction residents saved nearly 18.5 million gallons of water since mandatory outdoor water restrictions started in August, according to city officials.

The savings are based on water use estimates for last year, said city Water Services Manager Mark Ritterbush.

An average day of water use in August was 8.1 million gallons in 2017, and that’s decreased by about 14 to 15 percent since water restrictions went into place on Aug. 22, saving approximately 1.2 million gallons a day…

The biggest drop in water use came immediately after the restrictions went into effect, which also happened to be the day that Grand Junction saw a massive rainstorm.

The storm dropped .91 inches of rain on Grand Junction over the span of just a few hours on the evening of Aug. 21, according to the National Weather Service.

City water use dropped from 8.1 million gallons on Aug. 21 to approximately 5.1 million on Aug. 23.

Ritterbush said it’s typical to see a significant drop in water use after a rainstorm.

Grand Junction City Councilor Chris Kennedy said he’s pleased with the savings and has not heard any pushback from residents over the restrictions…

Current restrictions mean city water customers are limited to twice-weekly outdoor watering through September, which drops to once-a-week outdoor watering in October.

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