@USFSRockyMtns: #416Fire contained 3:00PM Friday, October 5, 2018

The 416 Fire near Durango, Colorado, ignited on June 1, 2018. By June 21, the wildfire covered more than 34,000 acres and was 37 percent contained. Photo credit USFS via The High Country News

From the USFS via the The Cortez Journal:

The U.S. Forest Service declared the 416 Fire “controlled” at 3 p.m. Friday.

Remnants of Hurricane Rosa helped douse lingering flames burning within the 416 Fire containment lines, according to a news release issued Friday afternoon by the U.S. Forest Service.

The 54,000-acre fire started June 1 about 10 miles north of Durango and was declared fully contained 61 days later on July 31, meaning fire crews had the blaze contained within a certain boundary. Controlled means there is no active fire within containment lines and no hot spots near the containment lines.

But the Forest Service said the fire continues to smolder in spots, and smoke could occasionally rise from the burn area, according to the release.

It may be months before the fire is completely extinguished.

Snow, freezing temperatures or consecutive days of heavy rain may be needed to completely extinguish the fire.

Much of the 416 Fire burn area is closed and will remain closed for months to come, according to the news release.

The Forest Service, which is responsible for investigating the cause of the 416 Fire, has not determined what started the blaze. The agency intends to issue a ruling in late fall or early winter.

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