Grand Valley Irrigation gets dough to line portions of Highline and Mainline canals

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From the Grand Junction Free Press (Tracy Dvorak): “As part of program to reduce salinity added to the Colorado River, the Bureau of Reclamation awarded a $3 million grant to Grand Valley Irrigation to conrete-line portions of its Mainline and Highline canal, not to be confused with the Government Highline Canal. In this first of the three-year project, almost a mile of canal in the area between F 1/2 and F roads and between 26 to 26 1/2 roads is being lined. Next year, the canal running south of Mantey Heights to 28 1/4 Road will get its upgrade.”


The process begins with workers adding drainage pipes, shaping the ditch and compacting the sides and bottom, said GVIC Superintendent Phil Bertrand. Next, a type of fabric is laid over the dirt followed by a PVC liner, and then another layer of fabric. A crew from Mays Concrete has been hired to spray a 3 1/2 to 4-inch layer “shotcrete,” after which “blankets” are put over the shotcrete to keep it warm and protect if from freezing during the initial concrete curing process. The drainage pipes added at the onset are to drain out and divert the naturally flowing subsurface groundwater from “lifting” the lining out of the ditch, Bertrand said…

GVIC services approximately 3,200 water users from Loma to Palisade irrigating 35,000 to 40,000 acres of land. Established in 1882, the company is a nonprofit governed by its users and a nine-member board.

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