U.S. Supreme Court holds Kansas to district court fee structure in Kansas v. Colorado

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From the Pueblo Chieftain: “With the rejection of Kansas’ exception, the court unanimously approved the final judgment and decree of the 24-year lawsuit between the two states. However, the court will retain jurisdiction on some technical issues. The court limited expert witness fees to $40 per day, as set by Congress, meaning Colorado will not have to pay additional money to Kansas for costs incurred during the case…

“The court’s opinion was summed up during the Dec. 1 arguments by Justice Stephen Breyer, who told Six at one point: “Congress has a statute, and the statute is: We don’t care if the witness is Albert Einstein, Steven Spielberg or the local zookeeper. . . . We don’t care if they did a lot of work or a little work. We want them to be paid $40 a day, period. . . . That’s the law.'”

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