Climate Change and the ski industry

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From The Durango Telegraph:

The ski industry is getting more sobering news from the science community. A new report from the National Wildlife Federation says global warming is part of the reason for the unusual winter weather in the West. Climate scientist and report author Amanda Staudt says powder enthusiasts should be especially concerned. “Aspen Mountain could see a 2,400-foot rise in the snow line, which is as far as the snowpack extends down the mountain,” she said. “And if that happens, many of the base areas at that mountain won’t even have any snow.” A recent report in the journal Science explained that water vapor in the atmosphere plays a role in global warming. It may intensify, or sometimes moderate, the heating effects of carbon pollution. Staudt concluded that the analysis of weather trends underscores the importance of cutting carbon pollution that has been connected to warmer global temperatures. She added that despite the severe winter, 2009 was the second warmest year on record for the world, according to NASA.

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