State Engineer approves Rueter-Hess fill

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From the Parker Chronicle:

On Feb. 24, the State Engineers Office of Dam Safety approved a request by Parker Water and Sanitation District to allow the first water to be stored in Rueter-Hess. Before the approval, water within Newlin Gulch was pumped around the construction site. With the approval, the water will be stored behind the dam. The approval allows for water to be stored to a depth of 43 feet, which will allow up to 5,000 acre-feet of water. While construction of the dam is not slated to be complete until February 2012, storing water now will save the district money and allow for future use of that water to district customers. Over the next two years while construction is completed, an additional $34 million will be spent by PWSD on the project employing about 100 workers. Jim Nikkel, assistant district manager for Parker Water and project manager for the Rueter-Hess project, said the approval will allow the district to save about $10,000 a month in pumping costs.

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