Palisade scores a $4 million loan and a $3.8 million grant through the USDA Rural Development Water and Environmental Program designated for wastewater improvements

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From The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (Gary Harmon):

“The Recovery Act is meeting a huge need in Colorado by funding critical water infrastructure projects that we haven’t been able to fund,” Gov. Bill Ritter said. “Now, Palisade can move forward with this large-scale project that will improve the quality of life for its residents.”

More coverage from Mike Wiggins writing for The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel. From the article:

Palisade’s lagoons can’t remove enough ammonia from wastewater before it’s discharged back into the Colorado River to comply with new, heightened federal standards. Those regulations have to be met by 2013. The town intends to build a lift station and construct a three-mile pipeline to hook into Clifton Sanitation District’s new treatment plant. The town could have built its own plant for the same money, but officials believe that option would have cost more long-term in maintenance. [Palisade Mayor Dave Walker] said the town will chip in another $750,000 of its own money for a total project cost of $8.55 million. The project will spike the bills of Palisade sewer customers. Town officials have estimated a single-family residential bill will jump from $21.85 a month to $40 to $50 a month to generate the revenue needed to account for the town’s share of the bill.

More wastewater coverage here.

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