Steamboat Springs: City Council is reviewing rate increase recommendations

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From Steamboat Today (Mike Lawrence):

Red Oak’s draft study states that the rate increases through 2019 and higher tap fees for new construction would fund more than $70 million worth of water and wastewater improvement projects, including new infrastructure on the city’s west side and repairs to, or replacements of, aging sewer pipes through Steamboat Springs’ downtown core. The City Council could conduct the first reading of an ordinance to implement the new water and sewer rates Sept. 7. A second and final reading could occur Sept. 21, to allow implementation of the rates in 2011 to be included in the city’s budget for next year.

City Council members asked Giardina and Red Oak senior consultant Andrew Rheem to explore rate increases that occur as gradually as possible during coming years, to lessen the impact on residents and businesses. But there is little to no doubt among city staff and council members that the improvements are necessary and that rate increases of some kind are unavoidable.

More infrastructure coverage here.

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