Moffat Collection System Project: Grand County meeting recap

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From the Sky-Hi Daily News (Tonya Bina):

On Monday, [Kirk Klancke] along with Grand County commissioners, Grand County’s major landowners along the river, and other representatives from the Colorado and National Trout Unlimited met with three out of five Denver Water Board members and staff at a conference room at Winter Park Resort. For Klancke, who has supplied a strong local voice of Fraser River protection in firming project proceedings, the meeting was his first opportunity to sit at the table to learn the status of negotiations with key decision makers. For him, he said, it quelled many of his concerns. “It shined the light on what’s going on. Powerful people are saying that their interests are the same as ours, that they can keep a river alive and have a water supply,” he said.

Having heard about [Moffat Collection System Project] negotiations “behind closed doors” between Denver Water and West Slope interests for 3.5 years, Klancke said it was refreshing to hear first-hand Denver Water’s perspective. Klancke said he came out of the meeting feeling encouraged that the political will of that particular water utility appears to be to make steps to protect the resource. “I felt like history was being made as we sat there,” Klancke said.

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