Denver Botanic Gardens in advisory role with Sterling Ranch developers

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From The Denver Post (Margaret Jackson):

The botanic gardens will provide technical services focused on Water-Smart Gardening applications, such as selecting plants that use little water for landscaping. The botanic gardens also will help Sterling Ranch create a community garden using heirloom plants to maintain sustainable agriculture within the development.

The botanic gardens is working on the landscape design for a house on Titan Road, said Brian Vogt, chief executive of the organization. “We will advise on the right pallet of plants . . . and create a prototype to show you can have a lush looking garden, Vogt said.

More conservation coverage here.

One thought on “Denver Botanic Gardens in advisory role with Sterling Ranch developers

  1. I was wondering if there will be any Job Opportunities there At the Sterling Ranch Titan Rd. Location? I have a 16 year old looking for a Job, and I am also interested in ALL the things You would be doing at this Location. I am an Avid Gardener, and make things of what I grow. I am Very Interested in Horticulture, Landscaping, and water efficient living.
    I don’t know what the dates are for things going on there, we just happened to notice the sign, the last time we passed. We live in Roxborough Village.At least that land will NOT be Developed, I am Thankful For that.
    Thank You,
    Robyn Wares

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