Breckenridge: New Upper Blue Sanitation District wastewater plant construction update

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From the Summit Daily News (Robert Allen):

Construction has been under way since summer 2009, and the project has been financed through tap fees. It is to expand the district’s treatment capacity from 2 million to 5 million gallons per day to meet the demands of growing communities in and near Blue River, Breckenridge and Farmer’s Korner. The contract has the project finishing by Dec. 31, 2011, but Carlberg said it may be complete by July…

The building structure is to arrive in early October. Carlberg said it’s anticipated the expansion area will be sealed dry from outside conditions by December. The plant is under construction next to the Farmer’s Korner Waste Water Treatment Facility, which opened in the mid-1970s. That building could get upgrades to its exterior to help its appearance match the new one. Like the existing facility, the plant is to treat incoming liquid before mixing it with water from the nearby Blue River. The mixture is released into Dillon Reservoir at an area near the highway.

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