A strong La Niña is expected influence the weather over the next 3 months

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From the Summit County Citizen’s Voice (Bob Berwyn):

The temperature outlook for October is for increased chances of below-normal temperatures for parts of the northwest and for the entire West Coast in general. Chances are increasing for above-average temperatures in parts of the Southwest and the southern Rockies across the Great Plains to the Great Lakes region and New England. An increased chance of above-average October precipitation is forecast for the northwest, Montana, parts of Wyoming, the Dakotas and western Minnesota, as well as for the Gulf Coast and Atlantic Coast states. Below-average precipitation is favored from California across the Southwest to the Southern Rockies to the Great Lakes, the middle Mississippi Valley and sections of the Ohio Valley and Tennessee.

In the 90-day outlook, the National Weather Service said La Niña increases the chances for above average temperatures from the Southwest into west Texas and much of the eastern U.S. except in the Southeast. Lower than average temperatures can be expected along the West Coast because of the persistence of below-average sea surface temperatures in the Pacific. Below average temperatures can also be expected in Alaska, the Pacific Northwest, the northern Rockies and extending eastward into the northern Plains and the western Great Lakes. Those same areas will generally see increased chances for above-normal precipitation.

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