Aspinall Unit update

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From email from Reclamation (Dan Crabtree):

The Colorado River Basin Forecast Center (Center) has issued the February 1st monthly runoff forecast for Blue Mesa Reservoir and the Gunnison Basin. As of February 1st, the Center is forecasting an April through July unregulated inflow to Blue Mesa Reservoir of 775,000 AF, which is 108% of average. Spring runoff is still a long way off and the forecast will likely change, but if the current forecast were to hold to May 1st, the Black Canyon Water Right 24 hour peak target flow would be 6,340 cfs. Reclamation’s current plans are to operate the Unit with the intent of allowing the target to be met.

In order to ensure adequate storage in Blue Mesa Reservoir to control runoff, Reclamation needs to begin increasing releases from the Aspinall Unit. Releases from Crystal Reservoir are 500 cfs. These releases will be increased by 300 cfs in two changes on Tuesday, February 8th.

In addition, the January 2011 Aspinall Operations Meeting summary and operations handout can be found at: There are several clickable links within the summary that can be used to access other presentations and handouts.

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