Fryingpan-Arkansas Project update

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From email from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

Tomorrow afternoon (Feb. 16) around 1 p.m., we will bump up our releases from Ruedi Reservoir to the Lower Fryingpan-River by about 25 cfs. This will put approximately 102 cfs at the gage below Ruedi Dam. The reason for the increase this early in the season is due to the current snow pack projections. It is possible we could have a run-off season similar to last year’s. We are moving some water from the reservoir now in anticipation of above-average run-off flows in late spring…be sure to check out our webpages at

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Aspinall Unit update

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From email from Reclamation (Dan Crabtree):

The Colorado River Basin Forecast Center has just issued the February mid-month April through July runoff forecast. The forecast for Blue Mesa Reservoir remained at 775,000 acre-feet or 108 percent of average. In order to assure space in Blue Mesa Reservoir to manage the runoff, Reclamation will again increase reservoir releases. To accomplish this, we plan to increase Crystal releases by 300 cfs, from 800 cfs to a total release of 1100 cfs, on Friday, February 18th. If you have any questions, please reply to this email or call 970-248-0600 and ask for Erik Knight or Dan Crabtree.

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Monument: Board of trustees meeting recap

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From the Tri-Lakes Tribune (Lisa Collacott):

The town of Monument unanimously approved four resolutions pertaining to water at its most recent board of trustees meeting.

To establish a contract with El Paso County Water Authority and make the name change to Pikes Peak Regional Water Authority.

To participate in the Colorado-Wyoming Project Participation agreement.

To sign on the Super Ditch Project Participation agreement.

To sign on the Southern Delivery System Project Participation agreement.

Monument has been paying dues to the EPCWA and PPRWA. Recently the two water authorities merged and stayed with the name of PPRWA. The dues to the water authority for 2011 will cost the town $2,950. “It’s a good thing for the town. We were paying dues to two authorities and there really was no need for two authorities,” said Rich Landreth, public works director…

The Board of Trustees also approved the resolution for the Super Ditch Participation Agreement. The Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District is considering a plan to lease water used for agricultural purposes to cities. The town of Monument has been part of the project for several years.

The final resolution approved was the Southern Delivery System Project Participation Agreement. The project would allow members to negotiate, as a group or individually, the delivery of water through the SDS with Colorado Springs Utilities.

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2010 Colorado gubernatorial election transition: Interview with Colorado commissioner of agriculture John Salazar

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The Fence Post is running a interview with Mr. Salazar that lays out his vision for the department and agriculture under a Hickenlooper administration. The interview is from The Greeley Tribune. Here’s an excerpt:

Tribune — Water has to be among your priorities.

Salazar — I’ve been involved with water all my life. I served on the Rio Grande Water Conservation District when AWDI (American Water Development Inc.) was trying to take San Luis Valley water out of the valley. We need to find ways to protect water for agriculture production. There’s a lot of new technology coming … but right now most of that is very expensive. However, as long as cities don’t use water to consumption, we can recycle it and use it again and again.

Tribune — The governor has indicated he may be in favor of the Northern Integrated Supply Project in northern Colorado. Where do you stand?

Salazar — I’ve come out in favor of it, but I want to see if it protects water for agriculture. I will support it as long as it doesn’t dry up agriculture. I live and breathe agriculture.

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IBCC strategy report public meeting February 25, statewide Roundtable summit March 3

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From email from IBCC Director John Stulp:

As the new IBCC director, I am looking forward to a lively discussion regarding the report the IBCC sent to former Governor Ritter and Governor Hickenlooper. As part of my new charge, Im seeking to engage not only the roundtables, a process that is underway, but also a wider set of the water community on this emerging framework. My goal is to have enough information on this framework that we can have a productive conversation at the March 3rd Statewide Roundtable Summit to improve the document with a geographically and politically diverse group of people in the room.

I have asked CWCB staff and the IBCC facilitator Heather Bergman, in support of the IBCC, to coordinate a public input process. You are officially invited to provide feedback at the facilitated public forum on February 25th 1-4, Glenwood Springs Community Center, 100 Wolfsohn Drive, Glenwood Springs, CO.

At the meeting, participants will go over the IBCC framework, participate in a survey that will focus the discussion, and then have small group discussion on framework elements.

This information will be incorporated in the feedback for the Statewide Roundtable Summit on March 3rd.

For those not able to attend the Feb. 25th meeting, written feedback can be provided through the Feedback Survey and Comment Opportunity, available at the Statewide Roundtable Summit webpage in the additional information section on the right side of the page. Additional comment emails or attachments may be sent to, but all are encouraged to take the survey. Surveys and written public feedback are due February 24th.

The March 3rd Statewide Roundtable Summit at the Doubletree Hotel Denver – North, 8773 Yates Drive, Westminster, CO 80031. Participants in the Summit are expected to participate in one of the above forums first. Registration is $25 for non-roundtable members to cover conference costs. Please register by clicking here.

In order to download a copy of the report, or hear IBCC members discussion with Governor Ritter, please visit the Statewide Roundtable Summit webpage.

I look forward to learning from all of you.

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