National Drinking Water Week May 1-7

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Here’s the announcement from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:

People who travel abroad know the familiar problem with unsafe drinking water. At home, we scarcely give it a thought. Usually, we are right. But the sources of our drinking water are constantly under siege from naturally occurring events and human activities that can pollute our sources of drinking water.

Did you know?

– In the United States, water utilities treat nearly 34 billion gallons of water every day
– In the United States and Canada, the total miles of water pipeline and aqueducts equal approximately one million miles; enough to circle the globe 40 times
– Americans drink more than one billion glasses of tap water per day
– Children in the first six months of life consume seven times as much water per pound as the average American adult.

For some statistics on public drinking water systems and more see the folowing facts and figures page.

More coverage from the Fort Collins Coloradoan. From the article:

The safety, quality and reliability of local drinking water are priorities for Fort Collins Utilities. Drinking Water Week, which started Sunday and goes through Saturday, provides the opportunity to thank the many behind-the-scenes employees who work year-round to ensure our community’s water is remains safe, tastes good and is there when it’s needed.

National Drinking Water Week is a chance for water utilities and the customers they serve to join together and celebrate the immeasurable value of clean and safe water.

“Beyond quenching our thirst, tap water provides community services, such as fire protection, support for the economy and the quality of life we enjoy,” said Lisa Voytko, Fort Collins Utilities’ water production manager. “Tap water is so intricately a part of our lives that it’s hard to imagine a day without it.”

In recognition of the employees who make local drinking-water quality a priority, Fort Collins Utilities recently received the Directors Award of Recognition from the Partnership for Safe Water for the 11th year.

The partnership is a voluntary program that encourages members to increase water quality and safety standards and provide drinking water that surpasses federal requirements. Due to these standards and the dedication of participating water utilities, more than 85 million people currently receive higher-quality drinking water from surface water treatment plants.

More infrastructure coverage here.

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