The Northeast Colorado Health Department recognizes Patrick Woltemath as ‘Colorado Rural Water Operator of the Year’

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From the Northeast Colorado Health Department (Deanna Herbert) via the Sterling Journal News-Advocate:

Patrick Woltemath who was nominated for several contributions he has made in Sedgwick County, including his role as the certified water operator for the town of Sedgwick and for Lucy’s Place restaurant. His nomination reads as follows: “We have always found Patrick to be pleasant, knowledgeable and cooperative in his various roles and his expertise has led him to be awarded the 2010 Colorado Rural Water Operator of the year.” Woltemath was also recognized for his involvement with an historic lead issue at the town school as well as several other projects including his role in the town’s recent water system improvement project, his involvement in utilizing money received from the Governor’s Energy Office in changing all of the street lights in the town of Sedgwick to LED lighting, and the implementation of funding received from the William Stretesky Foundation to update both the aesthetic appearance and the energy efficiency of many buildings on Main Street. He was also recognized for his aid in helping the owner Lucy’s Place restaurant, a vital business in a very small community, come into compliance with the Colorado Drinking Water Regulations so that her restaurant could remain open. Woltemath was nominated by Carmen Vandenbark, NCHD’s environmental health director and Teena Pierce, NCHD’s environmental health representative.

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