Energy policy — oil shale: Shell official tells BLM public meeting in Golden that revising Bush-era rules will delay energy independence for the U.S.

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From the Associated Press (Catherine Tsai) via The Denver Post:

Tracy Boyd, a Shell official, was among speakers at Bureau of Land Management public meetings in Golden on efforts to review the Bush administration plan released in 2008. About 50 people attended afternoon and night sessions…

While some say developing oil shale could help reduce U.S. oil imports, the Government Accountability Office said in a report last year that oil-shale development could have “significant” impacts on water quality and availability. Past studies have shown one to 12 barrels of water, or up to about 500 gallons, may be needed to produce one barrel of oil, the report said…

Companies are still years from finding a profitable way to heat kerogen in the shale to produce oil. “By then, most of us should be driving electric cars,” said Mike Chiropolos of Western Resource Advocates. He and others contend Colorado has other forms of sustainable energy that should be explored before heating rocks to extract oil.

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