Children across the nation are expected to team with the organization Our Children’s Trust to sue state governments over inaction on climate change, there will be a march in Denver on Saturday

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Since the baby boomers don’t have the political will to tackle climate change a generation of children are taking on the job of forcing action. Here’s a report from Vanessa Miller writing for the Colorado Daily. From the article:

The lawsuit is part of a coordinated youth effort to sue government leaders or file administrative actions in all 50 states. A nationwide team of legal experts has been assembled through the nonprofit organization Our Children’s Trust to represent the young people in their lawsuits. Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, 11, of Boulder, is a leader of the Colorado-based Earth Guardian group and one of the plaintiffs named in the suit against the state of Colorado, Gov. John Hickenlooper, the Colorado Department of Health and Environment, the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission and the Colorado Department of Natural Resources. The goal is to “force action on climate change” in all 50 states, translating to a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and implementation of reforestation programs, according to the lawsuit.

A gathering of thousands of young people is planned in Denver on Saturday, one of dozens of marches around the world to raise awareness of global warming. “Right now, our governments are not protecting our planet; they are just destroying it,” Xiuhtezcatl said. “I want to make sure my planet is habitable for future generations so we won’t be stuck with this mess.”

Xiuhtezcatl said he’s excited to be part of the march and legal effort, but — above all — he hopes it will make a difference to the adults who are in leadership positions. “I think it’s great that there are lots of other kids in their own state trying to fight for their future,” he said. “But we need everyone to take action — not just the kids.”[…]

The Boulder County lawsuit identifies specific environmental concerns as being tied to global warming and climate change, including reduced water flows, pine beetle destruction, massive wildfires, shortened ski seasons, frequent heat waves and more illness from insect-borne diseases…

If you go:

What: A “mega march” to raise awareness about climate change

When: Noon Saturday

Where: The march will begin at Cuernavaca Park (20th and Platte streets, near REI) in Denver and proceed two miles before ending at Civic Center Park. The event will include speakers, music and entertainment.

From the Colorado Independent (Scott Kersgaard):

A group of Colorado kids filed suit last week against the state of Colorado, Gov. John Hickenlooper, Colorado Department of Health and Environment, Colorado Air Quality Control Commission, and Colorado Department of Natural Resources as part of a coordinated effort to force action on climate change. Similar suits have been filed in all 50 states and against the federal government. In conjunction with the legal actions, youth marches are being held all over the world this week, including more than 60 in the United States, culminating with Denver’s march, Saturday, May 14.

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