Gunnison River basin: Dust on snow events equal last year but the mass contained in the dust is much less

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From The Crested Butte News (Alissa Johnson):

“We’ve had a relatively uneventful dust season,” said Frank Kugel, general manager of the Upper Gunnison River Water Conservancy District. “Thus far there haven’t been any [dust events] with the significant impact on snowpack that we’ve had in recent years, so that’s the good news. The bad news is the snowpack is accumulating and it should be dropping at this time of the year. We are actually higher to date than we were in 2008, so flooding is now getting to be a concern.”

According to Chris Landry, dust-on-snow expert and director for the Center for Snow and Avalanche Studies in Silverton, Colo., the Gunnison Basin has actually seen the same number of dust events this year as last, but there seems to be less dust.
“The difference between this year and last is that the mass of dust contained [in the snowpack] is less. It appears that way, at least. Data samples are still being processed,” Landry said.

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