Flaming Gorge pipeline: A new report commissioned by The Arkansas and Metro roundtables recommends a task force to study the proposed project

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From The Pueblo Chieftain (Chris Woodka):

The report recommends three possible ways to structure a Flaming Gorge task force:

– A stand-alone task force would build on the work of the CWCB and relate to work being done by the Interbasin Compact Committee, but remain independent to provide full attention to Flaming Gorge proposals.

– An IBCC-based task force would allow a wide selection of interests and experts to evaluate Flaming Gorge plans, as well as bring new perspectives into the discussion.

– A CWCB-based task force would focus more direct statewide attention on the project and provide more authority to conclusions reached during the discussions.

More coverage from Chris Woodka writing for The Pueblo Chieftain. From the article:

The scope of the task force was presented to the Arkansas Basin Roundtable at its meeting Wednesday by consultants Mike Hughes and Heather Bergman…

About 80 water leaders across the state were interviewed for the report, which was funded by the Colorado Water Conservation Board at the request of the Arkansas and Metro basin roundtables. Under the $40,000 grant, the consultants identified the need to form a task force. They also will organize the makeup of the task force and set the first meeting, probably in late June. The approach they are leaning toward is forming a free-standing committee, since the respondents disagreed over whether the CWCB or Interbasin Compact Committee should lead the discussion.

The committee would number 17 and be a mix of state officials and various interest groups from both sides of the Continental Divide. The committee probably won’t include the proponents of two versions of a Flaming Gorge pipeline, Fort Collins entrepreneur Aaron Million and Parker Water and Sanitation Manager Frank Jaeger, leader of the Colorado-Wyoming Coalition. It also would not have federal regulatory agencies as members. “Those people need to be in the room, but not at the table,” Bergman said…

“I think Frank Jaeger and Aaron Million need to be on the board,” said Jay Winner, general manager of the Lower Arkansas Valley Water Conservancy District, which has supported Million’s plan as a way to take pressure off farm water in the state. “You have three people building the same project.”

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