Energy policy — nuclear: Moab tailings move slowing down as federal funds dry up

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From the Salt Lake Tribune (Judy Fahys):

In two years, the Department of Energy has hauled away nearly 4 million tons of uranium tailings, which for decades had been leaching into the adjacent Colorado River. The work is about two years ahead of schedule, and makes DOE project manager Don Metzler burst with pride. “Look!” he exclaimed, gazing over the deep gouge excavators have carved into the 130-acre pile. “This pile is disappearing.”

Now, with another 12 million tons still to go, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act money that has fueled the accelerated cleanup is about to run out. Progress is expected to slow to a comparative crawl as the Energy Department slashes the cleanup team by two-thirds next month.

Instead of 320 people on the job, there will be funding enough for around 100 under the DOE’s projected budget for cleaning up the old uranium mill started by Charlie Steen and later taken on by the bankrupt Atlas Corp.

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