Whitewater news: Big year forecast for the Colorado River and the Green River

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From BigTravelNews.info:

This spring / summer promises to be one of the top 10 best high water years on record for the Colorado River System in Utah and Arizona, reports Brian Merrill, CEO of Western River Expeditions http://www.westernriver.com/ that 50 years ago helped pioneer the sport of river rafting on white waters of the West.

“It’s possibly the best water year ever on Utah’s Green River in our half century of river running,” Merrill said. He noted that for raft enthusiasts and whitewater adrenaline junkies “2011 is THE year to book a river trip through Westwater or Cataract Canyons of the Colorado River or Gray and Desolation Canyons on the Green.” Also, the Bureau of Reclamation is releasing extra flow from Glen Canyon Dam which means higher water through the Grand Canyon this year. (The water release strategy is an effort to increase the level of Lake Mead.)

Merrill anticipated that high water would continue through late July this year; ordinarily it tapers off at the end of June. The public may monitor Colorado and Green River drainages on a daily basis by going to: http://www.cbrfc.noaa.gov/rec/rec.php.

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