Good luck Bill Jackson

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I didn’t get a chance to meet Mr. Jackson in person but his articles have been cited on Coyote Gulch (both the current weblog and in the archives) nearly a hundred times over the years. He is moving on and I’ll miss his work. Here’s his goodbye from The Greeley Tribune. He writes:

The big events come to mind easily — the farmer protests and tractorcades of the 1980s when interest rates were sky high and commodity prices bottomed out; the attempt by sugar beet farmers to buy the bankrupt Great Western Sugar Co.; the day Kenny Monfort called and said he’d just sold Monfort of Colorado, and would I like to come up to his office and discuss the sale (ya think?); the rumors leading up to the final announcement by the city of Thornton that bought some 100 farms in northern Weld and Larimer counties for the water on those farms; the purchase of the Western Sugar Co. by a farmer-owned cooperative from Tate & Lyle that had outbid farmers.

Then there were the drought years of the early 2000s and the shutdown of irrigation wells along the South Platte River that remains a point of contention for many yet today.

And there’s the ongoing process of trying to build more water storage, which will be critical to the future of agriculture in northern Colorado — and which, it feels like at times, has been going on for centuries.

While those events are important, the most important part of my job over the years has been the people — the farmers and ranchers of Weld and northern Colorado, who have been the stewards of the land since the start of agriculture in the area. Those are way too numerous to name because as sure as the crops come up in the spring and are harvested in the summer and fall, way too many would be skipped.

Good luck to y’all. Vaya con dios.

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