Colorado-Big Thompson update: Flows in the Big Thompson below Olympus dam 450cfs

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From email from Reclamation (Kara Lamb):

I just happened to be awake when our hydrologic engineer sent out the water order [early Monday morning]. So, please be aware we are bumping releases from Olympus Dam to the Big Thompson River upwards of 200 cfs. The resulting flow below the dam through the upper part of the canyon will be about 450 cfs.

Sunday was the first day it really started to warm up. As a result, some of the snow pack is melting. This made inflows to Lake Estes via the Big Thompson River start to rise. Travel times typically have snow run-off hit Estes after midnight. As a result we are bypassing, sending on down, that native flow. Most likely, we will probably curtail releases during the day on Memorial Day. But if the weather holds and we have more sun and pleasant temperatures, it is also likely releases will bump up again about 24-hours from now following a pattern similar to what we are seeing tonight. It all depends on how warm the holiday winds up being.

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