Donala Water and Sanitation is raising rates in January


From The Tri-Lake Tribune (Lisa Collacott):

Donala customers are currently staring at a rate increase beginning in January if the Donala board of directors approves it at their Nov. 29 board meeting. Customers can expect to see a 40 percent increase for single family dwellings which comes to about $25, or a 29 percent increase for multi-family dwellings, at on average $18. Customers using 80,000 gallons of water per cycle will see a 60 percent increase. Following these bumps, customers will see smaller increases through 2025…

In November of 2008 Donala purchased the 711 acre Willow Creek Ranch near Leadville. Donala has already initiated conversions of the excess irrigation water which would flow through the Arkansas River. The ranch will be 20 percent of Donala’s total demand and has cost close to $6 million so far. The change of use permit that Donala was seeking, however, was denied by water court Judge Dennis Maes. Therefore Donala must continue negotiations with the state of Colorado. The water district is hoping to have up to 400 acre-feet of water per year. Duthie is confident that water will be flowing from the Willow Creek Ranch by the year’s end…

“We’ll still need more water,” Duthie said. The water district is putting together a reclaimed water project called the Donala Extended Water Supply Study that will look at streambed treatment, reservoir storage and construction of wetlands. Once that is complete and if the project moves forward Donala is looking at a cost of between $7-$19 million.

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