Durango: Water system triennial inspection turns up minor repairs


From The Durango Herald (Lynda Edwards):

The city was asked to build a hatch on top of one of the water tanks where chemicals that treat the water could be more easily poured into the tank. That will cost a few thousand dollars. Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment inspectors also said an overflow pipe had a gap in it and must be repaired.

Every three years, the Department of Public Health and Environment conducts a sanitary inspection of municipal water-treatment facilities. Recenty, the state health department gave Durango its inspection, and Durango Public Works Director Jack Rogers said he was fairly satisfied with the report card.

“In these inspections, they tell you what you are doing wrong, not what you are doing right,” he said. “The inspectors did not find any problems that would endanger public health. They did find what they called ‘major deficiencies.’ We’ll be able to make the necessary repairs with existing funds in our budget,” Rogers said.

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