Energy policy — oil and gas: Energy wonks ask for more time to comment on the proposed EPA air pollution rules


From the Associated Press (Catharine Tsai) via the Colorado Springs Gazette:

Environmentalists who attended a public hearing on the proposal argued the agency’s proposed rules could go further. The meeting was the second of three on the agency’s plan, which includes what would be its first regulations for wells that are hydraulically fractured by blasting water, chemicals and sand underground…

Dozens of people spoke at hearings Tuesday in Pittsburgh and Wednesday in Denver. More planned to speak Thursday in Arlington, Texas…

The new rules would focus on having operators capture and sell natural gas that now escapes into the air.

The EPA estimated its fully implemented proposal could reduce emissions of smog-forming volatile organic compounds by about 540,000 tons, or 25 percent. It would reduce emissions of the greenhouse gas methane by about 26 percent and reduce hazardous air pollutants, including benzene, by almost 30 percent, the EPA estimates.

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