Wastewater: The Pueblo West Metro District approves $5.3 loan application for treatment plant upgrades


From The Pueblo Chieftain (Jeff Tucker):

If approved, the district would pay $320,000 a year over the next 20 years to cover the loan [ed. from the Colorado Water Resources and Power Development Authority], but the improvements could also save the district enough money to soften the annual blow. Right now, the district pays about $360,000 a year to treat and dispose of the solids from the plant. The new improvements could save the district about $215,000 a year, making the annual payment about $115,000 a year. The improvements also will reduce the odor from the plant and protect against potential leaks into the groundwater.

Initial estimates are that, with about 5,000 homes on the district’s sewer lines, the annual payments could mean a $12 to $13 increase in sewer rates per year for those customers.

Meanwhile the district has received five applications for the vacant board seat, according to Jeff Tucker writing for The Pueblo Chieftain. From the article:

Five people have applied for the open seat on the Pueblo West Metropolitan District’s Board of Directors, vacated by Chuck Green… Metro District Manager Jack Johnston said the board won’t take any action until its next official meeting at the soonest. That meeting is Oct. 11

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