Colorado Water 2012 launches their book club


Here’s the link to the webpage. Here’s what they have to say:

Welcome to the Water 2012 Book Club!

Please join Colorado authors Pete McBride, Jon Waterman, Craig Childs, Will Hobbs, Greg Hobbs, George Sibley and Patty Limerick as you read and discuss their books.

The theme of the Water 2012 Book Club is the adventure, fun and challenge of Colorado’s most precious resource, water.

As the 2012 year of water celebration unfolds starting this coming January when Governor John Hickenlooper kicks off the celebration, these authors will be presenting and discussing their books in person, online, and through live and recorded video, webinar, facebook and blog programs.

More details to follow! We encourage you to share this list with other book club members and we look forward to your participation!

Water 2012 Book Club Selections

The Statewide Books for 2012

General Audience:

The Colorado River, Flowing Through Conflict by Peter McBride and Jonathan Waterman

The Colorado River from it’s headwaters in Rocky Mountain National Park to its delta in Mexico is beautiful, used, stressed and deserving of protection. Peter McBride Jonathan Waterman

House of Rain by Craig Childs

The ancestral Puebloans of the Colorado River Plateau, how they lived on the land, adapted in a water short region and migrated to sustain themselves. Craig Childs

Young Adult Audience:

River Thunder by Will Hobbs

Three young women and three young men learn about themselves and how to pull together through the crashing waves of the Grand Canyon. Will Hobbs

Regional Programs: To Be Announced

First Quarter 2012:

The Colorado River, Flowing Through Conflict and House of Rain

Second Quarter 2012:

River Thunder and

Living the Four Corners, Colorado Centennial State at the Headwaters by Justice Greg Hobbs

There is nothing so inspiring and challenging as living in the Four Corners States of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming, where water is life and its careful use and preservation is a necessity. Living the Four Corners

Third Quarter 2012:

Conserving the Headwaters, The Colorado River District at 75 by George Sibley

The Colorado River Water Conservation District grows into its role of being the western Colorado steward of the state’s water treasure. CRWCD

Fourth Quarter 2012:

A Ditch in Time, Denver, the West, and Water by Patricia Limerick

How a great and growing city on the eastern plains learns to cross many political, legal, and cultural divides. Center of the American West

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