October 12 issue of the Intermoutain West Climate Summary is now online


Here’s the link to the webpage. Here’s the summary:

Temperature — Temperatures for September were warmer than average across nearly all of the region.

Precipitation — September was generally drier than average across the region, and especially dry in Wyoming, northern Utah, and southeastern Colorado.

ENSO — After a brief hiatus this summer, La Niña conditions have re-emerged and are expected to persist through the winter season.

Climate Outlooks — Consistent with the La Niña conditions, in the late fall and winter seasons, the CPC seasonal outlooks call for some enhanced risk of warmer and drier conditions in the extreme southern portions of our region, and of wetter conditions in the northern portions.

Thanks to the Summit County Citizens Voice (Bob Berwyn) for the heads up. Click through for Mr. Berwyn’s post on the issue.

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